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White Paper #3

Project Management: Software versus Kitchen Fitting
Author(s): Dr Ant Kutschera
Description: From a project management point of view, software projects have often been compared to those in the construction industry. In many late night conversations with project managers, the author has often discussed how software development could actually be compared to any industry where products are developed within a project environment, for example, anything from building a motorway, to constructing a kit car. As a result of moving into a house with an old kitchen the author of this paper was assigned a Kitchen Fitting project when senior management took the decision that a new kitchen was required. The delivery date was set based upon a plan negotiated between the developer (the author) and management. No sooner had implementation commenced, than problems were encountered. These problems had uncanny resemblances to those previously experienced by the author in software projects. This paper draws parallels between project management problems in the kitchen project and those of software projects, shows conclusions between the similarities, and suggests ways of reducing the impact of these problems for the software project manager.
Available since: 10 Aug 2004 Download: kitchen_paper_16.pdf

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