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White Paper #2

Service Oriented Architecture Strategies
Author(s): Rowan Mountford, Dr Ant Kutschera
Description: Over the past 5 years the phrase “Service Oriented Architecture” (SOA) has become a term commonly used throughout IT departments in the Enterprise. There are many definitions1, but the underlying idea is nothing new – hiding implementation details (the “how”) and providing interoperable interfaces which any part of the Business or indeed any Business Partners can plug into, to use the services “on demand”. A service typically represents a particular business process within the company, or may indeed be an orchestration of a number of business processes put together. A related technology, namely Web Services, has played a big part in providing the implementation of such services since they too offer interoperability and abstraction away from technology specifics.
Available since: 15 Jul 2008 Download: White Paper Service Oriented Architecture Strategies 002.pdf

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